Excerpts from Hurry Home Honey

New border collapsing

capped and sizing it prenaming it detouring it wondering if it will do it streamed and lining it blocking the off of it shining it on it or through it going with it to the end, have it having given it having likened it having depicted it having gotten used to it using it having used it the use of it factoring in the using of it the last of it. sealed and forgotten it. followed it to the end of it at the heart of it. at the head of it the start of it the end of the start of it the end of the mid of it the end of the ending of the last closed and firm end of it to end it. and end it. the continuing end of it. the newness of each ending for it and to it and with it. the result of it or the less of it the non-effective go of it. the life of it. not. the life on it. not. the life near it. affirming it confirming it adjusting it. presuming it and to be it or to resist it. time and it again. relationship between preceding consuming it. time and it again and it. the go of it. the last word of it. the heavy it. the maladjusted it and might as well be it. but it is not it. the capped and city of it. in open air it. unabashed it. should have perhaps taken it in. the how of it, comes haunting forth and it. concluding with it. blending it in yes. as a new color yes. the turn of it. the left of it and I can’t stand here any more holding and holding it its tenuous and overspeeding crumble of it mass of it the volume of it louder than my arms can handle it can’t handle it not much longer unless it

Ice Event: For 14 Performers and 1 Audience Member

The Vehicle: a large, hollow hockey puck with the top open; about three feet in diameter, two feet high.

The Audience Member: must be small enough to fit in the Vehicle only slightly uncomfortably, perfectly upright with all limbs inside the Vehicle. Only the head should stick out. The Audience Member, once installed in the Vehicle, shall be referred to as IT.

The Cast: two full hockey teams and two referees. One of the team members is a Person of Motherly Concern in disguise; this character will try in vain to protect IT from harm.


The Cast will play a hockey game on the ice rink with IT as the puck. The game will begin in the center of the rink when the Perverted Referee stops kissing IT.

Rules are similar to hockey, plus the addition of one: no player may touch another. Any two players who touch each other even slightly must be immediately removed from the game with no replacement.

The role of IT is to verbally manipulate the players into touching each other until there are no more players left and IT can be relieved of IT’s misery.

In the middle of the game is an Intermission: Two Zambonis come out, decorated as for a high school Homecoming float. The theme is Favorite Fast Food Groups: One is Hamburgers and has people in assorted Big Mac, Whopper, and Famous Star costumes. They gesticulate wildly and sometimes take a bite out of each other. The other is Tacos and has characters dressed as Taco Bell items, Rubio’s Fish Tacos, and Roberto’s tacos who are quite groggy because they haven’t slept in 24 hours.

All players speak in grunts, except for the Person of Motherly Concern who speaks gently with compassion.

If IT’s vehicle tips over and IT spills out, the goalie must quickly scramble off the rink. The referees blow the whistle, then set IT upright again. The goalie may return through the gate. This all takes place in the fastest, most inefficient manner.

Sometimes the players slip and fall. This should be visually elaborate but always wordless.

Facial expressions on the players should be generally that of intimidating anger, again with the exception of the Person of Motherly Concern.

IT is allowed to do anything IT wants, as long as all limbs stay inside the vehicle.

If, or when IT cries, the game is over.

Language Barrier

Men in America have a dog. I come back from Europe and you have a dog but not. Men in Europe have. I bark up the stairs and tap the tree for advice. Who has a dog. Men with dogs more likely or less fetching or slightly scarce as men without. When walking the dog, is all about the stride. I can close my eyes and walk for a long time without stepping on any dogshit. I must be in America, so I open my eyes to watch out for men instead. If I have ancient dogcrap on my shoe, I am in France and have been. The men watch, and the women have dogs. From the tree no one is shitting but is conducive to watching. I am not concerned about birds because they do not live on the ground and they barely have feet. I am concerned with the placement of my step after stepping down into soft or hard and your voice is dry. A shy dry or a bored dry or a fake, dry but really shy voice is not talking to me, thus the dog. No dog speaks in this poem, nor do I have a dog, nor am I speaking. Yet American men with dogs have. Although there may still be some french dogpoo on my shoe, I go over and talk. Talking to a dog is acceptable in any language, thus the men. After that, it is not my problem and you understand it as. You are American or European. One dog gets drunk and this is a college town. One dog has sex with a non-dog and this is pornography. One dog shoots some shit and this is a Western. I go for a walk and this is still in English and I am not interested in dogs but men.